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Connor Kenney
Connor Kenney

Davenport Public Works officials are asking residents to not wash their cars on the street or in the driveway. Instead, they are asking residents to wash their cars in the grass.

Officials from Davenport Public Works posted on their Facebook page asking residents of Davenport to wash their cars in the grass instead of their driveway or on the streets. The post is meant to encourage residents to keep the streets and streams clean.

In the post, officials say that by washing the car in the grass the soap and grime that comes off of your car will not run down the street , which will eventually go down and storm drain and into a stream, creek, or make its way into the Mississippi River.

The only "oops" thing about this post is the picture they used with it. As you can see below, they used a picture of someone washing their car in the driveway, not the grass.

So to help out the the Davenport Public Works, I made JT take photos of me washing the B Machine in front of the Rock n' Roll mansion. It was hot so my shirt had to naturally come off. Enjoy some photos of me awkwardly (and terribly) washing the B Machine ON THE GRASS in front of the studios, and on Brady Street where everyone could see me.

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