A malnourished dog named Bambi was dropped off at King's Harvest Rescue in Davenport over the weekend. The shelter is unsure of who left Bambi at their door, but it's obvious from the dog's behavior that she's been abused.

King's Harvest describes Bambi as being "terrified" when they first interacted with her, and it's clear from the photos below that she is skin and bones.

Animal cruelty is unacceptable. I can only imagine what this sweet girl has been through. I suppose we should be grateful that someone finally had the sense to drop Bambi off with an organization that can help her, but the sadness in her eyes breaks my heart.

Thankfully, there is a way to help. The shelter is asking for donations to help nurse Bambi back to health. Those who are interested in helping can click on the "donate" button on the group's Facebook page or contact the shelter directly. King's Harvest is located at 2504 W Central Park Avenue
Davenport, IA 52804.

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