Kids that are involved in their community typically grow up to be amazing adults who do the same. It's hard for kids to focus and continue to be passionate about being involved in their school in the community with summer right around the corner.

When kids like Lucas Deters at McKinley Elementary School in Davenport continue to show incredible leadership, and knowledge of safety, and maintain their involvement in school and community programs, they deserve recognition. Deters got just that during a special ceremony at McKinley Elementary School on Wednesday

Deters, who is a sixth grader, was recognized as the AAA School Safety Patroller of the Year for the entire state of Iowa. Patrol advisor and McKinley teacher Patricia Greenwood stated in her nomination of Deters:

“Deters is a thoughtful, positive and respectful student who demonstrates exemplary leadership qualities and is dedicated to the safety of his fellow students.”

Deters served as one of the Captains of McKinley’s Safety Patrol this year and was responsible for ensuring that other patrol members were at their posts on time, reporting safety concerns to adult supervisors, and training new patrol members.


In addition to being a Safety Patroller, Deters was President of the school’s Student Council, played in the school band, participated in intramural sports, and volunteered with Winter Good for the Needy and Read Across America.

In the student essay portion of his nomination, Deters wrote:

“Being a member the AAA School Safety Patrol has allowed me to realize that leadership is a life skill that I will use throughout my school career and beyond.”

Nick Jarmusz, director of public affairs for AAA – The Auto Club Group said this about awarding Deters,

“It is an honor to present Lucas with the Patroller of the Year Award. He truly embodies the qualities of leadership and service that the AAA School Safety Patrol program seeks to instill in participating students.”

Since 1920, the AAA School Safety Patrol has grown to include more than 600,000 patrollers in schools nationwide. Congrats, Lucas on this award!

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