In January of 2020, the Davenport Good Neighbor Project was launched in response to community interest in Neighborhood Watch programs.  After the first year, while there is still room to grow, the program appears to be successful with 64 neighborhoods joining.

The Good Neighbor Project is a joint partnership between the City’s Community and Economic Development Department and the Davenport Police Department and is designed to help neighbors connect with each other and foster community engagement.  The departments realized there was a larger opportunity to engage neighborhoods outside of the traditional Neighborhood Watch programs.

On the below map, you can see all the neighborhoods that are a part of the project.

Davenport PD
Davenport PD

“Neighborhood Watch programs are often reactive and singularly focused on crime in neighborhoods, but we have seen that when neighborhoods organize themselves proactively through the Good Neighbor Project to get to know their neighbors and create meaningful relationships with them, they are then able to make a much bigger impact in their community,” said Sergeant  Andrew Harris with the Davenport Police Department

The Good Neighbor Project enhances natural crime prevention, encourages community engagement, and empowers and stabilizes neighborhoods. Good Neighbor Project neighborhoods work with the City to address issues that may arise, such as speeding, infrastructure requests, and park development.

“Over the past year, the Good Neighbor Project has empowered the City’s neighborhoods to become involved in their community in a meaningful way and help neighbors find solutions to issues that they may see arise,” said Nevada Lemke, Community Development Analyst with the Community and Economic Development Department.

Residents interested in joining the Good Neighbor Project or to learn more should visit

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