Halloween has passed, the leaves are dropping, the frost is here so it must be that time of year to turn our attention to the clock. Daylight Saving Time is ending.

If you live in the midwest, you know most of us will revert to Central Standard Time (CST) at 2 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 7, 2021. 

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For most of us, that isn't something we look forward to. I have yet to find someone (including farmers) who's excited about turning the clocks back an hour. If we're looking for the positives, you'll have an extra hour to stay up late and party or if you're like most of us you can lounge in bed and get a little extra sleep. 

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What's negative about the time change is it's going to start getting darker much earlier; around 5 p.m. starting Sunday.

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Helpful Tips Adjusting to the Time Change

I've never been the proactive type of person who goes to bed the night of the time change and set my clocks back before I go to bed. Yes, I've been that person who show's up early to brunch because I forgot completely about the time change. This could be your year. Be proactive and change the clocks in your bedroom, kitchen and microwave before you go to bed. Your phone should automatically update.

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Since most of us keep track of time on our phones, we don't have many other clocks to keep track of, but if you do take those giant Pottery Barn clocks down and dial them back.

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Some later model cars automatically update the time automatically. If yours doesn't this might be the most important place to ensure your clock is updated. Forget the giant manual you keep in the glove box; just google the make and model, year of your car and find quick instruction on what buttons you push to update the time. Do that right away. No one needs to be late to work over DST.

Change the Batteries in your Smoke and C.O. Detectors

As long as you're going through the house and taking down clocks, you might as well grab the ladder and change the smoke detector batteries and your carbon monoxide detectors. Just make it a habit. Keep you and your family safe.

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Get the Name Right

Finally, I'm a bit of a word and grammar snob although I realize if you comb through this article, I've made some mistakes. You can be a snob and still not be perfect. Anyway, remember there is no 'S' at the end of 'saving' in Daylight Saving(s) Time. There''s no 'S" in anyway either, but 30 and 40 year olds continue to say 'anyways.' That's a topic for another day.

Enjoy that extra hour of partying or sleep. Just remember to turn your clocks back next Saturday night.

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