Winter is halfway over (thank God) and we're inching closer to 'springing forward' in the Midwest.

Daylight Saving Time is a catch-22. You either lose an hour of sleep but gain an hour of daylight or you gain an hour of sleep but lose some daylight. The Sunshine Protection Act was in the works in Washington in 2022 but don't get too excited for that to go into effect just yet.


When Does Daylight Saving Time Start?

The phrase 'set your clocks back' is pretty outdated as a lot of us have phones that just switch over automatically now. But we're 'springing forward' on March 12th. That's when we'll get one less hour of sleep but hey it'll stay brighter later in the evenings.

But Why Are We Still Changing Clocks?

The Sunshine Protection Act would pretty much get rid of Daylight Saving Time in the U.S. so we wouldn't keep getting our sleep cycles thrown off twice a year. But it wouldn't go into effect until November of this year. NBC Chicago says that the Senate unanimously passed it already but it's stalled in the House. If it does get passed by House majority, it will then need to go to President Biden's desk.

The suggestion, like most things in life, has mixed reviews. Americans are big fans of getting rid of Daylight Saving. But the Illinois-based American Academy of Sleep Medicine likes the idea of permanent standard time, with more daylight in the morning hours. Their argument is that it's more in-line with our body's natural clock.

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