A bird that goes by the terrifying nickname "devil bird" has been spotted in the most populous city in Illinois and the third most populous city in the U.S.

Its sighting should be a warning to the people in Illinois and everywhere else.

Devil Bird Reportedly Spotted In Chicago

The technical name of the bird is "devil bird." That's just one of its nicknames. The anhinga bird has been reportedly spotted in Chicago.

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While native to the southeastern portion of America, the anhinga is very much a warm climate water bird, and for it to be as far north as Chicago is a major problem.

All About Birds
All About Birds

As you can see above, the purple sections show that the anhinga is primarily found in South America, Central America, the Caribbean, and the southeast U.S., according to All About Birds.

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Where To Find The Devil Bird

When it comes to finding the "devil bird", All About Birds says:

"When Anhingas aren't slyly swimming through shallow waters with only their head sticking out, they are easy to spot hanging themselves out to dry. Look around the borders of lakes and ponds with forested edges for a sunning bird. In the heat of the late afternoon, look up in the sky for Anhingas taking advantage of rising thermals."

Even though they are a waterbird, anhingas fly well and frequently.

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Not Just A Devil Bird, But A Water Turkey Too

Luckily, anhingas have a few other, less terrifying nicknames. Those nicknames include "water turkey" for its turkeylike tail, and "snake bird" for its long snakelike neck as it slithers through the water.

The name Anhinga comes from the Tupi Indians in Brazil, according to All About Birds. Ahinga translates to "devil bird" or "evil spirit of the woods."

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Common In Southern Illinois, Very Rare In Illinois

Anhingas like the south but officials from the Illinois DNR say,

"...its range may be expanding into Illinois. It is possible that anhingas that have finished nesting fly north and enter the state for the late summer season. These birds are found around large bodies of water where they eat fishes and other small aquatic animals. When perching, it often spreads its wings open. It may swim below the water’s surface with only its head emerging."

But a map put together by All About Birds shows that at least one anhinga between 2018-2023 has been spotted in the Chicago area.

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Why Is The Devil Bird In Chicago Bad?

Our friends at the Hudson Valley Post reported on a similar issue in New York. An anhinga was spotted there and became a big deal because it was starting to show a major global crisis: Climate Change.

The Audubon Society said this about climate change affecting birds,

"Rising temperatures and shifting weather patterns affect birds' ability to find food and reproduce, which over time impacts local populations, and ultimately continent-wide populations, too. Some species may even go extinct in your state if they cannot find the conditions they need to survive and raise their young."

Seeing rare birds in our area native to the south should alarm everyone.

H/T: Hudson Valley Post

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