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Victor Saboya Bengochea

Attention mothers in the Quad Cities that are struggling to purchase or find diapers for their children! Today, the Rock Island County Health Department, Hiney Heroes, and Loving Bottoms will be handing out free diapers.

Whether it's coronavirus, tropical depression, riots, or just life, some people to continue to financially struggle, some more than others. We all have struggled in some way or another in these unprecedented times. Parents with young children have also had it rough for the last few months and some continue to struggle. That's why the Rock Island County Health Department, Hiney Heroes, and Loving Bottoms are trying to help.

The Rock Island County Health Department announced on social media that families can come pick up free diapers on Tuesday, June 9th between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. The Rock Island County Department of Public Health is limiting the amount of diapers each child can receive to 50 diapers per child. The child(ren) must be present in the car, and this is for Illinois residents only. Another free diaper pickup event in Iowa will be announced at some point in the future.

Looking at the comments of the social media post, if you do not have a vehicle but wish to pick up diapers for your child, you can do so but you are required to wear a face mask and need to maintain social distancing.

Diapers can be picked up at the Rock Island County Health Department located at 2112 25th Ave, Rock Island, Illinois 61201.

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