Why Iowa even has a state snack is beyond me, but alas, we do.

We know different states in this country of ours have their own flowers, songs, slogans, etc. But each state has also chosen an official 'food' that represents us.

I love Iowa's official snack but really it's almost a disappointing choice.

The Dozens Of Things Iowa's Official Snack Could Be


It could be a walking taco, we love those. It could also be:

  • scotcheroos
  • puppy chow
  • if we're thinking a more meal-food, Crock-Pot chili
  • buckeyes
  • pretzels
  • corn-on-the-cob.

Or it could just be ranch. Only a bottle of ranch.

All of those are pretty signature Midwest and Iowa foods, but that's not what our official state snack is.

Iowa's Official State Snack

Drumroll please...

Iowa's official state snack is the s'more!


It's definitely the perfect time of the year to make s'mores in Iowa. The crunchy, melty, delightful mix of graham crackers, some kind of chocolate, and marshmallows are our state snack.

To me, a s'more marshmallow isn't truly done until it's burning very brightly. You can jazz up s'mores any way you'd like: using Reese's instead of Hershey's for chocolate, double-layering the graham crackers, even creating a s'more charcuterie board if you're feeling super extra.

The Recipe Critic

I'm fine with box of just basic graham crackers, a broken Hershey bar, and marshmallows but some of those options do look super good.

Are you making s'mores by a firepit this fall? Let us know in the app chat!

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