Maybe think twice before you get that diet soda. According to CNN via WQAD.COM, diet soda may been linked to stroke or dementia according to the American Heart Association.

No other connection was found between those health risks and other sugary drinks such as regular soda, fruit juice or juice drinks. Just when you thought that diet soda was better than the regular one.

Over seven years, researchers studied thousands of people over the age of 45 from the area of Framingham, Mass., on their drinking and eating habits. Researchers followed-up a decade later to see who had experienced a stroke or dementia. The data was adjusted for a number of factors, including age, sex and caloric intake.

The study only tracked the trend between artificial sweetener consumers, dementia and stroke, but was unable to prove that drinking artificial drinks was the cause of the diseases.

The American Beverage Association, which represents soda makers such as Pepsi and Coca-Cola, defended low-calorie sweeteners, saying they can be tools for weight loss. In statement, the ABA said various other factors contribute to stroke and dementia.

Here's a better idea, grab a bottle of water. That way you'll be prepared for the zombie apocalypse

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