I love history. I have always been intrigued in seeing where we came from. The East Village of Davenport is awesome, as is the District of Rock Island. The history is pretty cool. Early settlers in the Civil War in the 1800's to gangsters of the 20's and 30's appeal to me. A few months ago, the person who bought my childhood home put a new front porch on the house, and while doing this she found antique bottles and a shoe. She still didn't find my missing Star Wars or G.I. Joe action figures.

According to the Quad City Times, a local project has become a gold mine for one archaeologist from Iowa City. A number of artifacts were found including meat bones, pieces of broken china, buttons, shoe soles, smoking pipes, hand-blown medicine and liquor bottles and an intact ink well dating to the first days of Davenport settlement in the 1830s, continuing until about 1860. Some 31,256 individual pieces of recovered artifacts were taken back to Iowa City and are still being studied.


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