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Lindsay Lohan's Mom Gets Engaged to Internet Boyfriend

Lindsay Lohan's mom Dina Lohan, 57, has announced on her private Facebook page that she is engaged to her internet boyfriend, Jesse Nadler. He sent her an engagement ring through the mail, but the pair have apparently never met. Nadler claims that both of Lohan's children are accepting of the relationship. (via Just Jared)

Study Finds That Instagram Prioritizes 'Sexy Selfies' in Feed

German Group Algorithm Watch has found that Instagram prioritizes pictures that show more skin. They claim that the app's algorithm "strong-arms users into showing skin" and that a sexy photo is about 54% more likely to appear in people's feeds. However, Facebook, which owns Instagram, says that the research is flawed and that feeds are based on previous interactions and previously liked content. (via The Sun)

Kim Kardashian Nabs Exclusive Podcast Deal With Spotify

Spotify has reached a deal with Kim Kardashian West for a podcast focusing on criminal justice. It will be co-produced and co-hosted by Lori Rothschild Ansaldi and will follow Rothschild Ansaldi as she investigates the case of Kevin Keith, who was convicted of three murders in 1994 but maintains his innocence. Spotify's stock has also surged nearly 15%, but there are no reports on what Kardashian will be making from the deal. (via The Verge)

Will COVID-19 Take Away Football Season, Too?

Dr. Fauci says that football might not happen this year. At the moment, there are no plans to derail the NFL season as training camps are expected to open next month and the regular season will start up in September. The NCAA also has athletes from various schools already returning to campus to prep for the 2020 season. However, Dr. Fauci believes that a second wave of COVID-19 is coming. (via TMZ)

College Graduates Get Debt Paid Off

Alumni of the nonprofit Students Rising Above recently received life-changing news: donors have chipped in about $8 million to help pay off their student loans. CEO Elizabeth Devaney gave students the news via Zoom this month. Students Rising Above serves low-income, and often first-generation students, in the Bay Area, and helps them get into college with personal guidance, mentoring, internships, career advice and financial support. (via People)

Kobe & Gianna Helicopter Safety Act Introduced to Lawmakers

Vanessa Bryant has been rallying politicians to get behind the "Koby and Gianna Bryant Helicopter Safety Act." The proposed act, introduced to lawmakers on Tuesday, would require a helicopter of six or more people to contain important safety equipment including Terrain Awareness and Warning System, flight data recorder and a cockpit voice recorder. She believes that this could save many lives and that had this law been passed before, Kobe and Gianna might still be here. (via TMZ)

Chrissy Teigen Celebrates Breast Implant Removal With Fun Cake

On Instagram, Chrissy Teigen celebrated the removal of her breast implants, sharing that the procedure went perfectly. She even had a cake made featuring a tombstone to commemorate the removal of her implants. The date reads 2006-2020. (via People)

New Siri Shortcut Will Start Recording Police Interactions

A new Siri shortcut will start to automatically record police interactions as long as the user says, "Hey Siri, I'm getting pulled over." It will pause your music, turn the phone brightness down, activate "Do Not Disturb" mode and turn the front-facing camera on to allow recording. The user will have to download the app onto their iPhone before use. The app will also allow the user to set a contact to be notified of the situation and the location. It will also send them the recorded video afterward. (via CNN)

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