Many residents call the Quad Cities home but most of those people don't know much about the Quad Cities and its rich history. American presidents, inventors, entrepreneurs, architects, and many more people of importance to America and the world have lived, worked, and passed through the Quad Cities. The Quad Cities has a lot of great facts about it, but we narrowed it down to 100 to keep it short.

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“Teach the children so it won't be necessary to teach the adults.”

-Abraham Lincoln

Whether you're a child or a child at heart, this article is here to teach you a lot of great things about the Quad Cities. Why did I pull an Abraham Lincoln quote to kick things off? Because Abraham Lincoln has ties back to the Quad Cities.

I've seen similar articles like this in the past but last year, I did my research to make sure that those "100 facts about the Quad Cities" from articles were indeed true. Because I put weeks of research into this article, I figured it would be a great time to remind you about the great history our community that we call the Quad Cities has.

I searched through books, websites, and anything else to prove these facts because when you read these, you're going to want proof yourself because some of these facts seem crazy, but they are true.

The top 5 craziest and most interesting facts, in my opinion, that you'll find on this list include:

  1. Dairy Queen really began in East Moline.
  2. The recliner chair was invented in Rock Island.
  3. George Davenport, the person the town Davenport was named after, was murdered by bandits.
  4. An Augustana professor discovered this first carnivore dinosaur in, of all places, Antarctica.
  5. Walt Disney was denied as a cartoonist in Davenport and almost stop drawing. That means Mickey Mouse almost wasn't born thanks to Davenport.

Those are pretty interesting, right? Of course, they are. There are 95 other incredibly interesting facts about our home, the Quad Cities.

With the holiday season being here, there are facts to share or annoy your family, friends, coworkers, or whoever with. And if there is ever a Quad Cities-themed trivia night, you better hope I can't make it.

Here are 100 facts about the Quad Cities that are actually facts. Please read them because this is the most homework I've done since 5th grade.

100 Interesting Facts About The Quad Cities You May Or May Not Know

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