An IHOP server in Illinois had a very happy new year thanks to the generosity of a famous customer.

Donnie Wahlberg, former New Kids on the Block member, left a $2,020 tip for his server at the IHOP he and his wife Jenny McCarthy went to in St. Charles, Il.

McCarthy revealed what her hubby had done in a tweeted a photo of the receipt for a $78.46 meal. I am hoping those 2 didn't eat $78.46 (even though I'm pretty sure I can) but McCarthy tweeted "starting 2020 off like the amazing man he is," referring of course to Wahlberg.

The photo shows that the actor also left a note on the receipt to thank his server Bethany and wish her a happy new year. Wahlberg also seems to want to make this a viral challenge by adding "2020 tip challenge" and a smiley face.

I think if celebrities can really take this challenge and run with it in the new year, that would be amazing for so many servers across the country who normally make less than minimum wage. Always remember to tip your server and be kind to people waiting on you. If you can join in on Wahlberg's new tipping challenge, that would also be awesome!

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