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I think I can speak for literally everyone when I say that we are all sick of 2020, and quite frankly, 2021 so far. The first 19 days of the new year hasn't really even been mediocre.

Well, if you're sick of this year like the rest of us and want to get that frustration out, there is a hotline dedicated for people to call in and scream. The kicker? You only have two days left to call in and let it all out.

Back in September of 2020, an idea came to a gentleman to create a hotline specifically just to call in and let their frustration out by simply screaming. The hotline name? Exactly what you would think, 'Just Scream!'

Just Scream! was invented by an elementary school teacher named Chris Gollmar. Gollmar says that his profession is teaching but he has also been an artist and coder since he was a kid.

Via Just Scream!
Via Just Scream!

Gollmar says that he has created a few participatory art projects that invite people to call a phone number and leave a voicemail for others to hear. The theme for his most recent project 'Just Scream!' was easy to settle on because well, it was 2020. Gollmar says on his site,

"In September 2020, I decided to create a new piece in this format. It didn’t take long to settle on a theme and a name: Just Scream! I designed and coded this site, launching it just before Election Day in the U.S."

According to the Just Scream! website, they can see your phone number when you call the number but will never share it with anyone. Just Scream! will also not contact you unless you send them a text at +1-561-567-8431.

As of right now, just shy of 80,000 people have called in and let out a good scream. You can listen to all of the screams so far by heading to justscream.baby/listen/.

The instructions on how to call in and let out your scream is pretty easy.

  1. Call +1-561-567-8431

  2. Scream

  3. Hang up

The website says step 3 is listen to other audio, but don't forget to hang up. When you do call +1-561-567-8431, there is not another human on the other end so you're literally just yelling into the phone.

Gollmar says the website is taking calls until January 21 and then the site will archive. Hurry up and give Just Scream! a call now before it's too late!

They also give one piece of solid advice....

"Please do this in public. Except not, perhaps, in a crowded theater."

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