It's colder than a witches you know what outside. Would you believe its colder here than in Juneau, Alaska? As of 7:30am its 33 degrees there.

I went out to get into my beast of a car this morning and my iPod wouldn't kick on this morning. It was frozen. I don't normally leave it in the car when it's cold out but I had my hands full with groceries and forgot to grab it. This made me think, what else shouldn't I leave in my car when it's this cold outside?

According to USA TODAY, these are the six things you shouldn't leave in your car when it's this cold:

1.  Your cell phone.  If it gets too cold it can cause the phone to shut off or, worse, mess up the battery.  And the screen may crack more easily in the cold as well.

2.  Soda or beer.  They're mostly water, which expands when it freezes.  So they can explode and get all over your car.

3.  Canned foods.  Same as with soda . . . the water can freeze and expand, which could break the can's seal and cause the food to spoil.

4.  Musical instruments, like a guitar.  The wood can crack if it's too cold.  And even if that doesn't happen, they'll definitely drift out of tune.

5.  Medication.  Certain drugs can lose their effectiveness if they get too cold.

6.  A low gas tank.  Keeping your tank more than half full helps prevent fuel lines from freezing.  It's also a good idea to check other fluids such as antifreeze.  And the cold can affect tire pressure, so keep an eye on that too.

Well looks like I should definitely NOT leave my iPod in my car anymore.


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