Some people are just more accident-prone than others and yours truly, is no exception. Nope. None. I manage to injure myself on things and in ways NO ONE should ever be able to injure themselves.There are times where I have my inherited "irish luck" and manage to have near-miss situations, but usually if it's gonna go down, I'm the one goin' down.

Karaoke should NOT be considered dangerous. Around me? Watch out! I mean, who breaks their foot singing Madonna?!!

Granola bars are now considered weapons of mass destruction, especially near eyeballs (ok...maybe just mine).

Shutting a car door is a daily, uneventful occurrence for millions of people world-wide. But not for me! In fact, locksmiths and perhaps an ambulance should be on full-time stand-by if I am in a hurry and am anywhere near a car door.

High-heeled boots are NOT supposed to break apart the exact moment when you are walking away after smiling at a cute guy...who smiled first! I had to walk unevenly to the car, the entire block with him watching!

Power tools? NOT. EVEN. AN. OPTION.

In contemplating just how I got this Irish strand of "Joni luck," it suddenly dawned on me when my father was upset about his latest mower "incident."  I always cringe when my opens a sentence with, "Did I tell you what happened with the mower yesterday?" I quickly scanned his hand and legs to make sure he had all of his limbs. As he is telling me he needs to rethink his choice in clothing when he mows because the nylon running pants are "too darn slippery", I burst out in tears of laughter as soon as he said he flew right off the mower when he turned a corner!!!  I spit out water from my mouth and began drooling because I was laughing so hard.

Once I dried the tears, I realized that the fruit, doesn't fall far from the tree. ALL the years of clumsiness spilled into my memory! I AM my father's daughter in many ways...but in this way,  definitely.


Of course, I would be the one who laughs non-stop at this!


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