Local elementary school students are making your morning cup of coffee even better with a pop of color.

Sips Coffee in Eldridge has teamed up with Edward White Elementary to give the kids a creative outlet and it's quite a cute one.

The kids in the elementary's classes (including Ed White's 4th-6th grade art classes) are adding their own designs to blank Sips cups that are size large and contain a hot beverage. Keep scrolling for the pics of the lovely artwork that we found on our cups this morning!

There's also a contest going on. Go by Sips, get a large hot drink, and you could win a $25 gift card, North Scott swag, or Sips Chips. When you get your drink, look at the bottom of it (without spilling it on your floorboard) and if there's a sticker, you're a winner!

Important to note that these adorable cups, according to what Sips told me, are limited edition and that once they're gone, they're gone. So if you want that touch of sunshine on a cup of joe, I would suggest going sooner rather than later. And don't forget, it is only on size large, hot cups. An icy energy drink won't get the doodles.

The Designs

Below are a few pics of the designs that we got on our two cups of coffee and also some of the ones that customers have posted on Facebook. Each cup and design is different, making your morning coffee uniquely yours!

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