Hunter Schafer won't tolerate discrimination.

On Saturday (May 28), the Euphoria actress went live on her Instagram to call out German nightclub SilQ in Dusseldorf after her assistant, who is a trans woman, was denied entry.

"SilQ is not safe for trans people at all," Schafer began.

"This bouncer said my friend could not come in because she is trans. He's hiding," she added, as the bouncer could be seen attempting to duck away from the camera.

Schafer said the club staff member denied her assistant entry because he was scared of her. She then notified him that he was being broadcast to her 7 million Instagram followers. Afterward, a fan seemingly approached her who appeared shocked once informed of the situation.

"Internet, do what you do, take them out," Schafer said before concluding the live stream.

Watch the Instagram Live, below.

Schafer, who is trans herself, portrays Jules, a trans character, on the hit HBO series Euphoria.

The actress was able to write an episode of the show as well as take her character in a direction that could resonate with other LGBTQ+ people

“This is a really good opportunity to put some sh-- on TV that has not been on TV as far as like, what’s actually going on in young trans people’s heads beyond, ‘Oh, I’m scared what people are gonna think because I’m trans.’ Like, real, spiritual, philosophical… Who am I? What does this all mean?” she explained to i-D.

"I think we go through these phases of overcompensating, once you figure out what you think you might be," Schafer added. "I just had this conversation with my therapist the other day, actually, it was like: ‘You’re still putting yourself in boxes. You’ve worked your entire life to not be in boxes, and now you’re doing it to yourself.’ It’s this weird addiction I think we have as humans, to fit into something."

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