We are going to get another Artic blast this weekend, which means it's going to be dangerously cold throughout the Quad Cities area. We will also see some snowfall tonight through Saturday morning. 

The National Weather Service (NWS) of the Quad Cities is calling for extremely cold temps this weekend in the Quad Cities. Officials from the NWS say to expect very cold wind chills as low as -20° to -30° degrees below zero this weekend.

National Weather Service of the Quad Cities

Winds will be coming out of the north/northwest this weekend between 5 to 15 mph. With a high of 0° expected on Sunday, the warmest will see it get with the wind chills on Sunday will be a brisk -19° to -20°.

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The chart below shows wind chill values based off of the air temperature and wind speed. The chart from the NWS of the Quad Cities also shows just how long it will take for frostbite to set in depending on how cold it is. With more extreme temps expected this week, this chart indicates that if you are stuck outside too long, frostbite could occur on exposed skin in 30 minutes or less.

National Weather Service of the Quad Cities

Leading up to more extreme cold temps will be snow tonight (Friday) into tomorrow morning. According to the National Weather Service (NWS) of the Quad Cities, snow is likely to fall Friday afternoon into Saturday morning. There is a high potential for 1" or more across a large portion of the Quad Cities are. There is also a moderate potential for 2 or more inches.

Some parts of the B100 listening area, mainly in the immediate Quad Cities metro area cold see up to 4 inches of snow depending on how the storm tracks across the area.

Make sure you are covering up all of your skin if you head outside this weekend! Make sure the kids are bundled up too, and bring your pets inside.

Safety Tips For Surviving the Quad Cities Cold Temps