A new community center is in the works in northwestern Davenport.

Our friends at KWQC report that the groundbreaking for the new Fairmount Community Center happened Tuesday afternoon. The project is funded by COVID-relief money.

It's right across from a branch of the Davenport library and is set to provide programming activities for kids and seniors, as well as outdoor activities for families.

KWQC reports that in total, $3.6 million in American Rescue Plan Act funds are going into the project.

The center will have a gym, an outdoor movie screen, and a kitchen. The city says that the center will have "4,500 square feet of usable space with the ability to accommodate 359 occupants".

The city will give Fairmount community residents a survey to see what programming and activities they would like to see at the new center. Along with the new center opening, the Davenport Parks & Recreation Department plans to expand programming at other locations too.

The plan is also to allow the space to be rented for events too, according to Parks and Recreation Director Chad Dyson. He told KWQC:

This has been a project that’s been planned for a little over a year and a half now. It’s bringing to fruition, community space that is very much needed and that part of town, and we’re excited to break ground and get the project going.

It will be a hot minute before the Fairmount Community Center is ready to go though. Construction on the new center is set to be completed in Spring 2024.

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