Conducting drug tests are no longer done by many companies.

For several years, a lot of businesses across the United States have required potential employees to pass a drug test to be hired. Some even have random drops after the worker is hired.

Well, those days are changing.

More and more states, including Illinois, are legalizing marijuana. One of the complications of this law change is how will this issue be handled in the future.

According to,

"Overall, remarkably few jobs disclose that they require drug testing before confirming employment, or during employment. On average, only 1.47 percent of job postings in the U.S. mention that they require pre-employment drug tests. Even fewer jobs disclose that they require regular drug screenings during employment. On average, only 0.66 percent of job postings mention regular drug testing."

Of course, there will always be jobs that will require drug testing but this is still a huge shift in the workplace.


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