I have said it many times. I hate Scammers and Spam calls. This year has been a huge year for scams. A lot have been happening here in the QC. Thankfully we have people fighting these scammers. For the past few years a YouTuber and Twitch streamer named Kitboga has been scamming these scammers.

A clip of one of his videos went viral on TikTok recently, and now millions are cheering on this already successful internet creator.

He first explains how the scam he is fighting that day works. Usually he tries to wait until these scam call places are about to close before he strikes. (That way he can make these scammers stay late.)

This creator is also super smart. He has made fake bank accounts, uses a voice changer to sound like different people (usually old people) and uses back doors to be able to see what the hackers are doing on his computer. Honestly if I was a scammer I would fall for it.

He uploads short clips on YouTube, but live streams his fight against scammers. The streams last for hours. Sometimes this creator wastes up to five hours of the scammers time. The best part is this YouTuber and Streamer makes money off his videos. So the only person making money is this streamer.

If you hate scammers this guy is for you. He loves to raise awareness. Don't forget to warn your older family members about scams.

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