Authorities are warning of a scary new trend popping up around the country.

It's a time of the year where a lot of us are going to ATM's. We're getting cash for road trips or depositing tax refund checks. We already have to be on the lookout for card skimming devices on ATM machines but there's a new wave of a different crime that's causing problems.

NewsNation and Tinker Federal Credit Union are among the many outlets reporting a rise in a crime known as 'bank jugging'. Police are warning you to be very vigilant when you're getting your cash.

What It Is


Bank jugging is kind of a combination of robbery and stalking. Thieves will follow a victim from an ATM/credit union/wherever they withdrew money to their next location. Once there, they will threaten or assault the victim, demanding that they turn over the money.

In a recent case, one person left the big envelope of cash on their driver's seat once they got to their next place, making it very easy for the thief to take.

Why There's More Of It Now

We're going into tax refund season. Many of us will be cashing the refund checks that we get in the mail and thieves know this. We need that cash for our summer adventures and overall expenses like gas.

What To Do About It

There are several ways you can prevent being a victim of bank jugging and a lot of them are common sense. Experts suggest:

  • Keep an eye on anyone hanging around the ATM/bank lobby that doesn't appear to be doing anything
  • Don't be distracted when you're getting your money (i.e. on your phone)
  • After you get your cash, don't put it in the bank's zipper bag or envelope. Put it in your wallet or purse.
  • Lock your doors when you get in your car.
  • Don't leave the money in your car.
  • Notice if any cars follow you out of the parking lot.
  • If they do, drive to the nearest police station or call 911.

Females already know to carry our keys like claws anyway. But you don't want the money you withdrew to be visible.

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