The Black Hawk State Historic Site is hosting an event this Saturday called 'Close-By Critters.' They are excited to teach you about the common animals that are native to Iowa and Illinois.

This event is free to anyone, but space is limited, and registration is required.

This event is scheduled for Saturday May 8th from 10am to noon. The historic site released a quick itinerary about the event,

Discover surprising facts about common animals native to Iowa and Illinois by examining furs and mounted specimens up close. Create a plaster cast of a track made by one of the animals to take home!

Close-By Critters offers a unique chance to get a bit closer to nature right here in the Quad Cities. You can learn more about registration here, or you can call at: 309-788-9536.

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The Black Hawk Historic Site offers countless different experiences for anyone right here in the QCA!

Black Hawk State Historic Site is a 208 acre park managed by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources that showcases the fascinating cultural history and diverse natural resources of the Quad Cities.

Have fun learning and exploring this Spring and Summer with the Black Hawk State Historic Site.

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