It's officially summertime in the Quad Cities. And since it's summertime, we need to get you ready for beachin', swimmin', and any other kind of outdoor activities to help you cool off. To make sure you are summertime ready, we are hooking you up with B100 Beachin' Bags all week long!

It's been a hot and dry summer so far. With summer officially being here, we are making sure you have the best summer ever! All this week, we are getting your summer-ready by hooking you up with a B100 Beachin' Bag.

If you are a river rat and go to the pits or Coney Island in Clinton/Camanche, putz over to Princeton beach, or tie-up in the LeClaire canal, this Beachin' Bag is perfect for you.

Inside our B100 Beachin' Bags include a pair of brand new B100 sunglasses, a limited edition B100 beach towel, a limited edition B100 stainless steel beach tumbler, headbands, and the B100 tote bag.

You have the towel to stay dry, sunglasses to protect your eyes, headbands if you're a sweater, a cup to put your favorite summer drink in, and a bag to carry all of your stuff! You couldn't be more prepared!

To score a B100 Beachin' Bag, listen all this week at 9:20 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. to be caller 10. If you are caller 10, we will hook you up with the goodies!

If you don't win this weekend, make sure you look for B100 all summer long to get your free B100 Beachin' Swag!

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