Looks like winter could be wrapping up soon friends. We are heading into the wet part of the season. Apparently Mother Nature cant make up her mind. Grab your snorkels. It's gonna be a wet week.

According to KWQC, this week is going to be a warm and wet one. Some minor flooding could occur in the Rock, and Mississippi Rivers. We've come to expect this every winter/spring in the Quad Cities.

With the ground still frozen, where is that water going to go?

Monday: Thunderstorms High 57

Tuesday: Rain High 55 (temps will fall during the afternoon to the 20's)

Wednesday: Mostly Sunny High 32

Thursday: Rain/Snow mix High 36

Friday: Mostly Cloudy 44

Saturday: 30% Chance of rain High 46

Sunday: Mostly Sunny 43

Time to channel your inner duck.

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