It seems as though 2020 is throwing everything it has at each State. With many parts of Iowa facing that derecho storm that hit fast and hard.

It looks like Texas is now facing giant swamp rats. I'm worried to see what other states have to start fighting against for the rest of 2020.

According to Nerd bot the biggest fear of these rats is the damage they could do to the ecosystem. This is happening in Kraus Baker Park in Texas and residents of the area fear that they may contaminate the water.

To make matters worse for them Nerd Bot when on to say,

The problem now is that they are looking for funding to deal with the issue. California and Louisiana are already calling for millions from the U.S. government in order to deal with their own swamp rat populations.

These animals are shocking, the rats eat 25% of their body weight everyday. Since they are alongside a water source they are fearing that they will contaminate it with parasites.

Here's hoping we don't have to fight off giant rats here in the QC any time soon.

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