We all need more positive news in our life.  And while the story of 17-year-old Sarah Frei could be looked at as not positive, a special surprise and positive outlook have changed that.

Sarah Frei from Syracuse, Utah was paralyzed after a drunk driver hit her in late July of this year.  Sarah, along with four other teens were on a trip when they were hit head on.  The teens were trapped in the car for an hour before somebody was able to call 911.  While her friends suffered severe injuries, Sarah was injured the worst.  A GoFundMe was set up which you can see here.

At this point you are probably thinking, "OK, where is the positive news of this story."  Well, it comes from Sarah and her friends in the below video.

Sarah received a mystery invite to homecoming in her hospital room.  Andrew sent a sign asking her to homecoming and wanted to have a virtual homecoming with her.  On the day of the dance Andrew got to see Sarah at the hospital.

The nurses pained her nails, she did her own makeup and hair and then her physical therapist helped get her up and into a chair," her family said.

You can see the full story and video below.  Warning, have the tissues ready.


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