Now that spring is here, it's nice to get some spring cleaning done. Sure, we mainly do that at home but what about helping our community get cleaned up before a fun and busy summer? You can do just that with a lot of other awesome people who want to see our community nice and clean.

Coming up very soon, Xstream Cleanup and the City of Davenport are hosting a Coffee & Clean-up event to get the Davenport riverfront looking beautiful. All you need to do is register to join in on making a difference in Davenport.

Coffee & Clean-Up At Davenport Riverfront

You still have time to register for Xstream Cleanup's Coffee & Clean-up on Saturday, April 27th in Davenport. Help them make the Davenport Riverfront shine this spring in preparation for what's going to be another busy summer. Volunteers get a sense of pride and joy in picking up litter in all weather conditions that leave the City looking beautiful. the City we live in.

A coffee truck onsite for the duration of the event with beverages for purchase. Who doesn't need a little extra boost to help them make a major impact?!

This opportunity is open to anyone interested in beautifying the Davenport Riverfront. No previous experience is necessary. Individuals 17 and under must have adult supervision. Officials ask that you dress weather-appropriate and wear closed-toe shoes.

Clean-up Meet-up

Officials say that check-in and supply pick-up will take place in Quinlan Court, located at 101 E River Drive. Litter clean-up will take place in the grassy area between Pershing Avenue and Main Street, around the Riverfront Rec Trail, and LeClaire Park. Public parking is available off of Perry Street and River Drive, Brady Street and River Drive, or in the Redstone Parking Ramp.

To register to join in the Coffee & Clean-up event, CLICK HERE.

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