Will spring come early this year or will we still have to in endure this winter weather?

Tomorrow is Groundhog Day and no one's for sure if Phil will be popping out to say "hello," or not. Due to clouds and fog today in Punxsutawney, PA., forecasters predict that this groundhog might not see his shadow.

Without there being a shadow, as you might know, indicates an early spring.

With the fog pooling over into Sunday morning, it is still yet to be determined.

According to KWQC.com, here in the QC there is hope.  Unlike Phil, there is a possibility we could see our shadows. The clouds that have been hovering over us for days just might part their ways and bless us with some sun. Good god, let there be light.

The Climate Prediction Center says Phil might have an idea about February in the QC.

It's not looking too good for our beloved groundhog, but we are looking at temperatures that won't be colder than normal and there is chance for less snow and we could get looped into a cycle of that Canadian high pressure, which like to keep things VERY cold, especially with snow on the ground. This means cold February sun. Luckily, the clouds have spoken and it looks like there will be a break in this weather, that is if there's no shadow come Groundhog Day.

It's a stretch. Let's hope Phil comes in clutch.




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