Dates are expensive. We are always trying to impress on the first date so they want to make that all mighty dollar stretch. The average date cost about $80. That's not including your outfit, shoes, accessories, getting your hair done...etc.

How would you feel if you were on a date and your date uses Groupon? Would you think its smart, or cheap?

I'll admit, I've used Groupon for stuff. I am a single 40 something parent. I need to make my dollars stretch sometimes. I have never used Groupon on a date...or any other special "deal" on a date, but I'm not opposed to it.

A woman from New York named Tiffany Nunn tweeted "if a dude uses Groupon on our date, I will kindly walk out.

She told She told BuzzFeed News that she was called "every name in the book yesterday,"

What do u think? Is she right? And what do you think about Groupon dates?

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