Halloween parties, trunk-or-treats, and actual Halloween is fast approaching in the Quad Cities. Here are a few quick tips to remember to keep the kiddos safe.

Just a week ago it seemed summer didn't want to let go. Now, here we are, in the cooler, fall weather and all the Halloween things are creeping up on us.

The Illinois Fraternal Order of Police, founded in 1915, have come out with their annual halloween safety list. Here are a few on WQAD.com, that aren't on your usual list but need to know, nonetheless.

"*Serve your children a filling meal before they trick-or-treat so they won’t be tempted to eat the treats before they get back home.

*Several days before trick-or-treating, check the local and state sex offender websites to see if there are any sex offenders living in your area. If there are, make sure your children avoid those homes.

*To lessen the chance of allergic reactions, try any makeup products on a small area of a child’s arm several days before trick-or-treating to see if they have any reaction."

Review the entire safety list at WQAD.com, here.

The FOP also suggest knowing your local trick-or-treat times. Here's the full list for 2018 Halloween from KWQC.com.