Workdays can be tough. After a long day of dealing with the boss, your annoying coworkers, and nagging customers, you just want to do anything else besides think and talk about work. Early in the week, it's easy to go home and just chill out there, but as you get closer to the weekend, all you really want to do is go enjoy a really good happy hour with your friends and favorite radio station, duh!

We invite you to join us every Thursday for the B100 Happy Hour at different bars in the Quad Cities area!

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2023 dates coming soon!

B100 Happy Hour

We are inviting you and your friends to come party after work with us every single Thursday for B100 Happy Hour! 

Group Of Female Friends Enjoying Night Out At Rooftop Bar

Every week, we'll be at a different bar in the Quad Cities, playing music, talking to you on the radio, having drinks, and celebrating the end of the work week. Come tell us what you have going on that weekend, how crappy your workday is, tell your friends on B100 to come drink with you, and enjoy a Thursday night full of fun.

What Time Is B100 Happy Hour?

Every Thursday, B100 Happy Hour begins at 4 p.m. and ends at 7 p.m. 3 hours of cheap drinks, music, fun, and more!


If you're a football fan, that leads right up to Thursday night football with really cheap drink specials.

If you don't care about football, this is your only chance of the week to enjoy a happy hour in the Quad Cities that doesn't end at 5 p.m. when you get off of work. You get to enjoy the cheap drink specials for two hours extra every week.

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Where Is B100 Happy Hour At?

We are working with awesome bar owners in the Quad Cities who are so kindly letting us come hangout in their establishments. Below is the schedule as of now and they places you can come Happy Hour with us (remember, it's every Thursday from 4-7 p.m.):

2023 dates coming soon!

Are There Cheap Drink Specials?

It's happy hour... duh!

Cocktails drinks on bar
IvanZivkovic, ThinkStock

Besides the already cheap drink specials the bar already has, each bar will come up with a special B100 Happy Hour special you can only get while we are there. We'll let you know what that is when we get closer!

I Want B100 To Come To My Bar/My Favorite Bar!

If you're a bar owner or you have a favorite bar and want B100 to come happy hour with you, we would be more than happy to come hang out! Fill out the form below to let us know you want us to come happy hour at your establishment.

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