It's to early to think about lunch, but what's for lunch today? I've got a idea. How about your favorite ballpark dogs!

Happy National Hot Dog Day! I cant remember a time I have gone to a sporting event and not had a couple of dogs in my hand. When I went to Wrigley Field last week, I had a hot dog in my hand and it cost me $10. I paid it and smiled the whole time. I love hot dogs. Plain, cheese filled...whatever. Chili cheese, maybe with a little catsup, some mustard, and relish. I've been known to make mac n' cheese and cut up some hot dogs in it. Oh, and you cant forget about pigs in a blanket. What are your favorite hot dog dishes?

Hot dogs are the perfect summer food. If you want freebies, or deals on hot dogs check out this article from USA Today.

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