It's the day my younger sister looks forward too every year. It's National Siblings Day. A day that we celebrate the people who drive us crazy the most.

My sister is a few years younger than me. We don't see each other much because she lives in Cedar Rapids, but she listens to me on the radio when she can.

Growing up, you could cut the sibling rivalry with a dull butter knife. There were many fights...some knock down drag out. The best ones were the ones where stuff got broke, like phones getting ripped off the wall, or holes in moms brand new kitchen floor from pans being thrown or power being cut because we were having music wars with our boom boxes. Some were practical jokes like the balloons that appeared in the bath tub after watching Steven King's "It!"

My sister and I have grown to be best friends...although we still get in the occasional argument. She's the best aunt to my daughter that I could ask for. Happy Siblings Day to my sister.  I woulda sent balloons, but we all know how that ends.

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