'Tis the season to get you spook on. A lot of haunted houses are in full swing in the Quad Cities, but how about a REAL haunted house?

According to the Quad City Times, there are a few places in the Quad Cities that are supposedly "Haunted."

  1. Augustana's House on the Hill
  2. Palmer Collage of Chiropractic Pi Kappa Chi fraternity House
  3. Ambrose Hall at St. Ambrose University
  4. Davenport City Hall
  5. Hotel Blackhawk
  6. Oakdale Memorial Gardens
  7. Old Masonic Temple
  8. Palmer Collage of Chiropractic
  9. Quarters One on Arsenal Island
  10. Old Scott County Jail Bell Tower

Check out the story at the Quad City Times for details on how each one is haunted and enter...IF YOU DARE!

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