If you find yourself on Harrison street today, you may see a large number of cars swerving over to the far left lane since 3 of the four lanes on Harrison street are closed today.

Just up the road from Vanderveer park, a small part of the road is being torn up today causing a slight delay for those driving on this one way.

Harrison Street has been seeing a solid amount of road work this year, with most of it only lasting a few days, and only taking up a lane or two. Today however is a bit different, and a bit more heavy. Today's work has shut down 3 lanes on Harrison.

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This work is taking up a pretty small strip of land. Thankfully the delays due to traffic at this time are no more than a minute or two. For me and the nice car in front of me, it was only about 10 seconds of slowing down for a random car trying to pass over 3 lanes so they could get into our lane in time.


The main thing to keep an eye out for is those who may not be paying attention and pulling over to the far left lane at the last second. We all get distracted sometimes, and some people speed on Harrison which could cause a dangerous situation, so if you know that three lanes are closed you are now more prepared for those who don't.

As always stay safe and keep an eye out Quad Cities.

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