Cooper Drudge from LeClaire is a lucky little boy. He's only 5 and in the fight of his life. He fell out of a two story window in June. He suffered a skull fracture, several spine fractures and a stroke on the left side of his brain. He was rushed to Iowa City and has since been moved to St. Louis where he is undergoing rehab and another surgery. His family is hopeful he will walk and talk on his own. He's already making progress by squeezing hands, wiggling his toes, and breathing on his own.

His family has only lived in LeClaire a short time, but the community has come together to help out the family.

According to, a booth was set up at Tug Fest last weekend and when a volunteer turned away for a second, someone stole the donations.

The community has stepped in to help the family the best it can, but if you're the person who stole the money, please return it...NO QUESTIONS ASKED! The donations are for the family's expenses.

There are donation boxes set up at businesses in LeClaire, as well as a GoFundMe account. Follow Cooper's progress on Facebook. #Cooperstrong.

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