With Bald Eagle Days fast approaching, these majestic birds seem to be on everyone's mind. I saw one just the other day while crossing the Centennial bridge, and it was the coolest thing.

But remember, just because eagles are birds of prey, it doesn't mean that they don't face threats themselves. Luckily, a local organization is here to help you help the birds.

The RARE Group – stands for Raptor Advocacy, Rehabilitation, and Education, according to their website – is a local non-profit dedicated to rehabilitating and conserving the livelihood of birds of prey in the Quad Cities. Over the span of a year, the clinic will help roughly 150 birds. As time goes on, that number has only continued to increase.

They accept more than just eagles though; RARE will also help other birds of prey in the QCA, along with the "occasional song bird or waterfowl."

So, if you see one of these birds in need of assistance, don't hesitate to call in RARE!

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