School and homework go hand in hand, and we have all found ourselves struggling with homework from time to time. For me it was my math homework. Sadly I didn't have any older siblings to help. And my parents would be more lost than I was. I was left to just hoping for the best with a random guess.

If you or one of your kids are stuck on a subject or problem you both can't seem to figure out, you can now go to the Silvis Public Library and be apart of the Homework Heroes.

This event is featuring a weekly time to help solve homework conundrums. If Participants are great at some subjects, but may need a bit more help with others, that's perfect. Those Participants can receive help, or help others with subjects they are good at. This event is from 4pm-5pm every Monday.

The Homework Heroes kicked off on August 19th, 2019 and will be going until December 30th, 2019. So you will still have time to get some learning, teaching, or both in this year

Sometimes we find ourselves needing extra help with homework, or missed a key instruction in class. What ever the reason, Homework Heroes is a great way to get caught up in a safe space with others who want to learn and teach with one another.

This event still has four more scheduled meeting days at the Silvis Public Library, and is completely free.

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