What a week! I've been on the run since last Thursday. Unfortunately my apartment (and my health) were neglected. I had a week worth of laundry, a week worth of dishes, the dust was building up, the bathroom needed some attention, and garbage was way full. I hate doing chores, but since I live alone...it's not gonna clean it's self.

A new survey found the chores we love and hate the most, which is kind of an odd premise to start with . . . because it's weird to think anyone LOVES scrubbing toilets or taking out the trash.  But apparently a few odd people out there do.

The four chores people LOVE the most are:  Cooking, 62% . . . organizing, 44% . . . vacuuming, 27% . . . and cleaning the house, 25%.

And the four chores we HATE the most are:  Ironing, 50% . . . cleaning the house, 44% . . . taking out the trash, 37% . . . and mopping and scrubbing, 32%.

Yeah, "cleaning the house" made both lists, as 25% love it and 44% hate it.

By the way, the survey also found only 16% of people hate cooking . . . and 10% of people actually say they LOVE taking out the garbage.

I have been known to channel my inner Danny Tanner and clean my place top to bottom. I crank the tunes and go to work. I may live in a man cave but I don't want it to look or smell like a man cave. Get the details of the survey here. Happy cleaning. PS...spring cleaning is just around the corner!



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