When it's been said two different ways, you have to find out.

Lagomarcino's, a Quad City tradition and favorite since 1908. Everyone whose ever been here and have eaten there, never forgets the experience. From their delectable chocolate goodness (or badness, depending on how you look at it), their chocolate-covered candies, fruits and even gummy worms, to their homemade ice cream, Lago's (as it is lovingly called by locals) is one of the go-to's when you want great, old-fashioned chocolate.

The name Lagomarcino's has been pronounced two different ways to me since living in the Quad Cities. LAH-GO-MAR-CHEE-NOS is one way. Pronounced very similarly to the Italian word, 'pepperoncini' (making a 'ch' sound in chee-nee), I wasn't sure if that was a true Italian way pronunciation, and here most of us in the QC have been saying it wrong all along.

The other way I've heard it pronounced is LAH-GO-MAR-SEE-NOS.

Which one is correct?  B100's Wes Jordan and I went to find out.

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