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Freshly cooked New York Strip garnished with fresh Rosemary.

It's summer time and if it's nice outside, I'm grillin' out! If you have a grill, I'm sure you feel the same way. The grill is a magical culinary tool. You can cook so much on a grill including hamburgers, hot dogs, stuffed peppers, pork chops, and of course, steak.

For some people, cooking steak on the grill can be easy. For others, it can be a challenge. But let's take away your grill skills and focus on how we like our steaks cooked.

For me, I love a great medium rare steak. A good amount of pink inside with a good salt and pepper crust on the outside makes the perfect steak. That pink on the inside makes it super juicy and tender. My stomach is growling as I'm typing... But not everyone likes a medium rare steak.

Before you go and judge someone by how they like their food, let me remind you of one thing. Unless someone asks if you would like a bite of their food to try it, don't judge someone for what they order. You aren't eating their food! Sorry, I had to get that off of my chest because it's literally one of my biggest pet-peeves.

Back to how we like our steak. According to a survey from Grill Cook Bake, not all Quad Citizens like their steak cooked the same. In this survey, it depends on what side of the Mississippi River you're on.

To figure out how each state likes their steak cooked, Grill Cook Bake surveyed 3,950 Americans back in May of this year. According to the survey results, majority of people on the Iowa side of the QC likes their steak medium rare. If you're on the Illinois side of the QC, majority of you like your steak cooked medium.

via grillcookbake.com
via grillcookbake.com

Before you get all heated like a grill on a hot summer day, Grill Cook Bake broke down each states population to show how many people liked their steak cooked a certain way. Here is what Illinois looks like:


  • Rare: 2%
  • Medium Rare: 26%
  • Medium: 32%
  • Medium Well: 17%
  • Well Done: 23%

And here is the breakdown for Iowa:


  • Rare: 3%
  • Medium Rare: 34%
  • Medium: 21%
  • Medium Well: 24%
  • Well Done: 18%

Grill Cook Bake also found that 81% of people prefer a burger over a hot dog when someone asks if they want one or the other. You can visit their website for more information on their survey.

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