Did you know about this little secret coffeehouse only 5 minutes from Rock Island?

One-on-one time with my children is super important to me. I try to make the most of our times in the car, going from here-to-there, with our busy schedules. As often as I am able to, I do little 'dates' with my each of my girls, one at a time. This includes coffee for me and some kind of ice cream, smoothie, or a on ocassion, a small, frosty coffee drink for the older girls.

A short drive to Milan, IL, about 5 minutes from west Rock Island, landed us at the Whistle Stop Java Shop. It's a historic landmark, having previously been an old train depot. Many of the original aspects of this location remain, making it a historic, edcucational stop with a delicious twist.

With flavors like Snicker Mocha, Snicker Doodle, and Pumpkin Pie Latte, you definitely get your coffee fix at this stop. Hot or cold, owners Steven and Becky Kane have a menu that will please anyone. From coffee and espresso, to ciders, steamers and smoothies, this local coffee hub is a true treat. Rich in Rock Island County history and even secret menu (you must go in and check it out for yourself), I have to say I enjoyed this little date with my daughter so much.

It was my daughter echoing the importance of shopping local stores that prompted the trip. Between the friendly conversation with Steve, who graciously answered a million of my questions, and my gawking at the locally made, unique jewelry on display, our coffee treats were nearly gone by the time we left.

And if that doesn't intice you to take a small drive, then maybe the fact he has some local musicians come in from time-to-time, for an added experience while you sit back, relax and enjoy your cup-o-joe.

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