The I-80 bridge connecting LeClaire to Rapids City has an uncertain future but the Illinois Department of Transportation wants your input on it.

On May 11, there will be a public input meeting about the bridge. It will be virtual from 4:00 p.m.-5:30 p.m. If you already have thoughts on the bridge, you can register for the meeting here.

The bridge is over 50 years old, really narrow, has outdated features and is too small to support the traffic flow on it. Normally, an old bridge would be torn down but the alternative proposal is to make it a wildlife crossing for bison.

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Almost 40,000 signatures are on a petition by the Bison Bridge Foundation, a local group suggesting that one side of the bridge be a crossing for bison and the other half as a pedestrian bridge.

Earlier this month, lawmakers in Illinois passed a bill to allow bison crossing in the I-80 bridge plans.

Now officials want to hear from you. What do you think the next move should be for the I-80 bridge? In the virtual meeting, there will be a video presentation, an outline of the improvement options for the bridge, and a question and answer session. The I-80 Mississippi River Bridge Project says that the study includes "approximately six miles from the I-88/I-80 interchange in Illinois to SW 35th Street in Bettendorf".

If you still have opinions on the bridge but can't log on to the virtual meeting, public comments will be accepted through May 25.

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