People drive without shoes for many reasons. They think it's more comfortable, they are wearing sandals so it's easy to take off, or they forgot shoes with their outfit (like I did) and realized it would be better to drive barefoot.

While driving barefoot seems like a good idea, it's not. But can you get a ticket in Illinois if you get pulled over and you aren't wearing shoes to cover up those gross feet of yours? We're here to answer that question for you.

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Illinois, Please Wear Shoes While You Drive

If you have stinky feet, that's the first reason why you should wear shoes while driving. Even if you don't, it could be very dangerous to not wear shows while driving, and here's why.

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  • Bare feet can slide off the pedals more easily, especially if your feet are wet from a pool or the beach.
  • You can’t apply the same amount of force when you brake or accelerate.
  • Driving without shoes could be distracting if you step on something sharp or stub your toe.

It's More Comfortable To Drive Barefoot!

How? I've driven barefoot recently and it feels like... I'm not wearing shoes. I felt naked and gross because no matter how often I clean my car, dirt still gets in there from my shoes making my feet dirty. It's also just a really weird feeling.

A girl is driving her car barefooted.
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Let's say you are a really good barefoot driver (that's an odd talent to have). What happens when you get into an accident in Illinois or anywhere for that matter?

What happens when your shoes try to betray you? What do I mean by that? Here are a few more good points as to why you should wear shoes while driving and what I mean by your shoes betraying you:

  • If you get into an accident, you could severely hurt your feet from broken glass.
  • You'll be that person stinking up the car with your dirty feet.
  • If you leave the shoes near your feet as the driver, the shoes could get stuck under the brake pedal which could be very dangerous, if not deadly.
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Can I Drive Barefoot In Illinois?

Fine, you want to let five of your little piggies get you from Rock Island to Chicago? Go for it because you won't get in trouble.


There is no Illinois law that prohibits you from driving barefoot. According to, it is legal to drive barefoot in the Land of Lincoln.

It's not illegal in Iowa either.

Whether you have passengers in the car or not, put on shoes, Illinois. Especially during the cold months, remember to at least pack snow boots because you don't want to be barefoot trying to get your car out of the snow.

Get to your destination as safely as possible, Illinois, with your kicks on.

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