It's not good to be poor in any state or anywhere. If you live in a state like Illinois that's bad for poor people and you are poor, you probably don't want to live there.

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A new study reveals that Illinois is the worst state for people who are poor. Why is that? Because Illinois is making poor people pay the highest in state taxes.

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There is a bright side to this story. Whether you're rich, poor, or a middle-class Illinoisan, you're all in it together.

Poor People Have It The Worst In Illinois

If you feel like you've been paying a lot of money in taxes to the state of Illinois, you aren't going crazy. Illinois has awful property tax rates and overall state tax rates.

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A new study from WalletHub shows that if you're a low-income earner in Illinois, you're paying the state a high percentage of your small paycheck.

Low-income people, aka poor people, in Illinois, are paying around 13.95% of their income to the state of Illinois. That is the highest percentage among the U.S.

Illinois Is Taxing Everyone Way Too Much

Sing it with me, "We're all in this together!" You know, from High School Music. Illinoisans are all getting taxed way too much which is the only bright side of this article.

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If you are a middle-class income earner, you are paying 12.57% of your income to the Illinois government, and if you're right, you are forking out 10.93% of your income.

Sure, poor people in Illinois get the brunt of it compared to the rich Illinoisans, but Illinois taxes the 3rd-highest taxes from the middle class and the 7th-highest from the upper class.

Why do people still live there?

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