If you need to check your blood sugar, don't use these items.

I've seen several commercials for blood sugar measuring devices are non-invasive, not requiring a finger prick or making you draw blood at all, making life easier for many diabetics and folks who need to keep an eye on their blood sugar.

But the FDA isn't sold on the idea, issuing a warning about those this week.

Apple is trying out blood sugar measuring tech on it's smartwatches that wouldn't require drawing blood.

FDA's New Warning


A new warning from the FDA targets certain devices that are used to measure blood sugar. It's a newer technology that is non-invasive and does not require finger pricking.

Specifically, they're warning against smartwatches & smart rings that advertise being able to read blood glucose levels without piercing the skin. If you Google it, there are a bunch of these things.

The FDA says that they have not been reviewed for safety and effectiveness and could result in inaccurate readings, which can lead to complications. The FDA notes that these smartwatches are different than apps that show readings from devices that do prick the skin.

There isn't a specific brand that's mentioned, really just all of them are affected. They haven't approved any of the non-invasive smartwatches or smart rings.

If you do have one of these smartwatches or smart rings, the FDA is saying you should meet with your doctor and figure out a different device that's been approved for safety.

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