In an economy like this, you might want to start doing some thrift shopping to save yourself money. Luckily for people in Chicago and those who live close to it, they can do some expert thrift shopping since it's one of the best cities for it.

Even if live two and a half hours away, there's a better chance to find better secondhand items in Chicago that might find in our community that's brand new. It's time to save some dough and take a trip to the Windy City.


Save Money And Get Thrifty In Chicago

Chicago is known for many things like deep-dish pizza, the Chicago Cubs, and being really windy. You can add a really great place to thrift shop to that list too.

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The company Lawn Love wanted to find which cities were the best for thrift shopping, or thrifting, and which cities were the worst. To do so, they compared the 200 biggest U.S. cities based on five categories. They also looked at access to thrift stores, consignment shops, flea markets, and specialty reuse stores among 10 total metrics.

Chicago Is In The Top 5 Best Cities To Thrift Shop

Lawn Love found that Chicago is the 5th best city to do thrift shopping. Chicago ranked 6th in general access, 12th in clothing, and 3rd in furniture and local interest.


It you want to save money and get the good stuff, do your thrifting in Chicago.

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But there is another city that's also two and a half hours from the Quad Cities that also made this list. It's a city in Iowa.

Des Moines Is A Good Place To Thrift Shop, Too

Another city the same distance from the Quad Cities as Chicago but the other direction that got onto the good cities to thrift shop in was Iowa's capital, Des Moines.

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Des Moines was ranked as the 93rd-best city to do some thrifting. Des Moines ranked as the 3rd best city for furniture.

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